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Refund and Returns Policy

Important Information Regarding Cancelations, Refunds & Returns

Please, take the time to read through this page before you make a purchase. It contains important and valuable information regarding my policies that deal with returns, refunds and prints that arrive damaged.

If you are not sure about what you are purchasing please give me a call or email me. I can help with advice, and walk you through things if necessary, to make sure your order is correct.


What can be done if I want to cancel my order for a print?

First of all, it imperative that you contact me immediately if you want to cancel an order. Most importantly I want you to be aware of the non-refundable Restocking Fee” of 10%.

Furthermore, once the order had been sent to the print provider, and they have started the order, all purchases are final. Refunds or exchanges are not available.


Why are there “Restocking Fees” when an order is canceled  for a refund?

Because of the nature of the custom “print on demand” service, non-refundable “transaction fees” are applied by my e-commerce business partners at the very moment your transaction is submitted and processed. The standard edition and premium limited edition photographic art prints I provide here are not mass-produced items. Each is custom printed and crafted to your order specifications.

These applied “transaction fees” are credit card fees and they are part of my cost of doing business via the web. You do not see them but I am responsible for paying them. They are non-refundable to me at the moment the order is submitted and processed.

It is imperative that you thoroughly check over your order for errors before submission. It is also very important that you realize, the applicable “Restocking Fee” is deducted from your refund if you wish to cancel your order or seek a refund.


What should I do if an art print is received in a damaged shipping container?

You will have only 5 days from the date of receipt to submit a claim regarding prints damaged or flawed as a result of shipper mishandling, so please make your claim as soon as possible. You will be required to sign for delivery from the shipper, so be sure to check the package for any noticeable damage. In the case of a damaged shipping container, please try to notify the shipper upon receipt if possible. Even better, take a photograph of the delivery person holding the damaged container. If the damage is excessive, you have the right to notify the shipper at the delivery time or to refuse shipment if it is obvious the package has damage.

If you accept the shipment it is imperative that you first, take pictures of the package damage before opening and unpacking. If you open the package and find no damage to the contents you are good to go. If, upon close inspection, you find that the print is damaged as a result of shipper mishandling please take pictures of the damaged art. Photograph it in such a way so that the damage is visible. Phone pictures are OK.

Send the pictures in an email via my contact page along with your order# and a brief explanation. Be sure to send a valid email address or phone# so I can connect with you quickly. I will be responsible for making a damage claim against the shipper. Most likely I will have you return ship the print to me.  In the case of premium limited edition art prints, I will print a new print and return ship it to you at no charge.


How can I be assured that you send flawless, art prints to me?

I do everything in my power to make sure your purchases are sent to you in a “flawless state” and free of defect.

All of my premium art prints are inspected under my supervision. Your custom ordered print will be carefully rolled up inside a paper sleeve. It will be placed into a hard case cardboard tube, insured, and shipped directly to the address you noted on your order. For our insurance purposes, I photograph every limited edition artwork before it is packaged, and then after it is packaged as part of a good record keeping policy. I only keep them on file until we are certain your order has arrived and you are completely satisfied.


Once I receive my order in the round hard cardboard shipping tube what is the best way to look at it?

There are important considerations to take into account when you un-package an art prints. These types of prints need to be handled carefully. Especially if they are fairly large. It is best to take it to your framer right away and have them unpackaged it and unroll it. They know about the proper handling of artwork.


How are your shipping costs on your prints determined?

Shipping costs are calculated on the value of the product being ordered. You will always see your shipping costs added in addition, if applicable, on your order.


Can I return a print?

Unfortunately, I don’t offer a return policy, although I want my clients to be happy and I will always try to find a solution.